Re: ISO-8859-2 fonts do not print

From: Tomas Frydrych (
Date: Fri Apr 19 2002 - 05:04:05 EDT

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    Hi Bronek,

    sorry I have not been able to deal with your earlier emails, I was
    away for a while.

    > Please, if there is a man or wooman who use to type and print
    > documents in AbiWord using ISO-8859-2 char enc. (type1 or ttf fonts)
    > and is satisfied with results, --- give me a hint!
    > I realy bag you to advise what to do. I'm now able to force abiword to
    > use these fonts, I can type and see my native polish characters on the
    > screen, but on prints I can only see a circles or crosses instead of
    > diacritics characters.

    Type 1 fonts: many of the commonly available free iso-8859-2 fonts
    are unfortunately broken. They were created by modifying the
    glyphs of iso-8859-1 fonts, but whoever done this failed to rename
    the glyphs to their correct PostScript names -- basically the font
    remains an iso-8859-1 font. This means that when AW looks for
    the Polish glyphs in the font, it does not find them. As a
    workaround you can create a custom u2g file for such fonts which
    associates the glyph names the font actually uses (which you will
    find in the font's afm file) with the required Unicode values; the u2g
    file needs to have same name as the font (times.pfa -> times.u2g),
    for format of the file see adobe-full.u2g that comes with the AW

    TTF fonts: you need to run the script specifying the
    correct encoding, in this case ISO-8859-2, this will create the
    required files automatically.


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