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Date: Thu Apr 18 2002 - 18:03:41 EDT

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    From the "I don't think you're ready for this jelly department" AbiWord
    1.0 aka. "Bootylicious" is released upon the masses.

    Exactly 70000 years ago next Tuesday the first AbiWord project started.
    The project lasted 341 years and 5 days and attracted the interest of
    developers throughout the world. The goal of the project, then as now,
    was to create a means of communication that could be used any place, any
    time, and by any person. Or maybe it was to create fire - may never

    Unfortunately, the project failed repeatedly to reach Version 1.
    Nonetheless, AbiWord is proud of its ancestor and dedicates the release
    of Version 1 to the memory of all those ancient developers who gave
    their lives to the pursuit of free speech, warmth, and caves.

    cvs rtag release-1-0-0 abi abidistfiles abispell/ abiword-docs/
    abiword-plugins/ expat/ libiconv/ libpng/ MSVC6/ nsis/ psiconv/
    unixfonts/ wv zlib/

    (cvs tag is release-1-0-0)

    Early draft at a press release attached, will be posted to news sites
    once binaries are up on SF.NET and/or Savannah. Appreciate help and
    feedback on the press release.

    The website, release notes, and press release will go out (hopefully)
    sometime tomorrow.

    The tree is reopened. What better way for me & Hub to celebrate our
    birthdays? :-)


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