Abiword executable name

From: Håvard Wigtil (havardw@stud.ntnu.no)
Date: Thu Apr 18 2002 - 04:08:43 EDT

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    I'm trying clean up the mime types for Abiword in Gnome.

    One problem is that there is some confusion on what the executable name
    should be. IIRC, in older releases there used to be in /usr/bin an
    "AbiWord" link to the executable, where as recent releases only ship
    with an "abiword" link. (And the link is not part of the files listed in
    the RPM, which is IMHO bad.)

    Alex Larson seemed to remember a statement to the effect that you would
    always ship a "AbiWord" binary or link.

    So what's the official policy on this? If the official policy is to only
    ship "abiword", when was the last release shipped with an "AbiWord"
    link? And do you remember if previous releases shipped with both
    "abiword" and "AbiWord"?


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