Re: AIX running but ... libiconv isn't !

From: Andrew Dunbar (
Date: Wed Apr 17 2002 - 22:12:29 EDT

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     --- Alberto 'JCN-9000' Varesio
    <> wrote: > Andrew
    Dunbar wrote:
    > >
    > > Upon further reading you better tell us what you
    > find
    > > here too:
    > > ls -R /usr/lib/nls/loc/uconvTable
    > > ls -R /usr/lib/nls/loc/uconv
    > Attached you have them.
    > It is not the encoding name which is not there, but
    > the to-from
    > conversion association. There is no need to do a
    > UCS-2 to UCS-2
    > conversion, so you can't open a converter with that
    > name on this system.

    So I see. Dom told me yesterday that AbiWord's
    official policy re iconv is that all systems besides
    Linux (and maybe freebsd) must use libiconv.
    We'd probably use it everywhere but apparently Linux
    has an even better iconv than libiconv.
    Later on when I have a machine I'll try to fix code
    like this anyway since it won't hurt but in the mean-
    time we should get the build system updated so that it
    forces libiconv to be used on all OSes other than
    Dom has specified are on the "nice iconv" list.
    I think the build system currently forces libiconv on
    some systems but not on others based on known problems
    that've been reported to us.

    Andrew Dunbar.


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