Development plans for post-1.0

From: Hubert Figuiere (
Date: Wed Apr 17 2002 - 14:16:32 EDT

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    Hi all,

    Here are the expect development plan for post 1.0 release of AbiWord.

    As you already know, release 1.0 is for tomorrow.

    After discussing we several other here, here is the development plan for
    later release:

    AbiWord 1.2:

    AbiWord 1.2 is our next big milestone. It will involve lot of
    refactoring to make the framework even more portable than it is. This
    will involve lot of internal change. Not a rewrite, but big changes.

    For that reason, I will soon create abi1.2 module that will contain the
    whole abiword tree (including plugins), but not the peer libraries.
    There won't be a new branch in CVS. A different module.

    Note that unstable version (root of this tree) will be numbered 1.1.x

    AbiWord 1.0.x:

    AbiWord 1.0.1 will surely come quickly after 1.0 and no doubt, there'll
    be more bugs to fix, as release of 1.0 will attract lot of users. More
    that currently. I suspect we'll have to release 1.0.2 and so on, even if
    1.2 development started.

    These release will be made against HEAD branch of abi module. For that
    I'll have to setup CVS to send someone all the changes that are made to
    the tree for manual applying to the new tree... That way bug fixes will
    be in the 1.2 tree as well.

    Any comments ?


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