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From: Andrew Dunbar (
Date: Wed Apr 17 2002 - 00:59:48 EDT

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     --- Alberto 'JCN-9000' Varesio
    <> wrote: > Andrew
    Dunbar wrote:
    > >
    > > I suggest building a debug version, running it,
    > > pressing just a couple of keys, both letters and
    > > spaces, then quitting.
    > > Send the entire debug log output and the exact
    > > sequence of keys you pressed to the dev-list here.
    > > Some of the devs will sift through it and should
    > pick
    > > up some AIX oddities that nobody expected.
    > >
    > Status :
    > Reconfigured source tree with --enable-debug and
    > recompiled
    > Got 40 Mb exec file. ( AbiWord_s )
    > Attached you have log file and file saved.
    > Keys pressed are 'qwerty v' : just 9 keystrokes.
    > On the file only the two blanks !!
    > On each non blank keystroke I trigger an assertion
    > !!

    Here is your problem:
    DEBUG: Building XAP_EncodingManager
    DEBUG: This iconv does not support UCS-2BE!
    DEBUG: This iconv does not support UCS-2LE!

    AIX's iconv does not support UCS-2BE or UCS-2LE
    which are needed. I think only one of them is
    absolutely needed. Can you find the documentation for
    AIX's iconv and send the relevant excerpt to the dev
    list for us to see if these encodings have different
    aliases from those Abi currently supports?
    This should be fixable. Thanks for the log!

    Andrew Dunbar.


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