Re: OK, I can't translate the last two strings

From: Andrew Dunbar (
Date: Tue Apr 16 2002 - 23:45:00 EDT

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     --- Sam Trenholme <> wrote: >
    > > Could you send them to me?
    > Yes; here they are:
    > DLG_Options_Label_HebrewContextGlyphs
    > "Save visual glyph shapes"
    Ahorra formas visuales de glyphs ?

    > DLG_Options_Label_HebrewContextGlyphs
    > "Use glyph shaping for Hebrew"
    Usa formar de glyphs para Hebreo ? (a

    > DLG_Options_Label_UseContextGlyphs
    > "Determine correct glyph shapes from context"
    Determina formes correctes de glyphs del contexto ?

    > LANG_NB_NO
    > "Norwegian Bokmal"
    Noruego Bokmal ?

    > LANG_NN_NO
    > "Norwegian Nynorsk"
    Noruego Nynorsk ?

    > LANG_FA_IR
    > "Farsi" (They language they speak in Iran)
    "Farsi" or "Persa"

    > My guess for "Norwegian Bokmal" is "bokmal noruego";
    > my guess for "Norwegian Nynorsk" is "nynorsk
    > noruego".

    I don't think "Norwegian" is an adjective here so I'd
    leave the order the same but Cuenca can tell you how
    bad my Spanish is (:

    Andrew Dunbar.


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