Maintaining a 1.0 branch?

From: Sam Trenholme (
Date: Tue Apr 16 2002 - 04:15:08 EDT

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    Just idle there any plans on
    maintaining a 1.0.x branch which is 1.0 with bugfixes
    and minor enhancments, while working on the 1.X and
    eventual 2.X abiword releases, or is the plan to
    devote all of the development effort making sure that
    1.2 and so on are the best possible post-1.0 releases.

    I assume there will not be a special 1.0 branch. With
    end-user open source software it is uncommon to have
    bug fix branches; I think Mozilla is the only desktop
    software I can think of which does this.

    - Sam

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