Re: 1.0 binaries, platform status.

From: Stephane Fritsch (
Date: Sun Apr 14 2002 - 05:31:22 EDT

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    > >>Thought I might save martin a little trouble in the scramble for
    > >>builders he seems to do every release.
    > >>
    > >>2 out of the question:
    > >>BeOS...*cough*
    > >>
    > >I can make a BeOS package. Of course man features are missing.
    > >Maybe we can mark the BeOS build as "1.0-experimental" or something
    > >to let the users know that it is not a "1.0" quality release.
    > >
    > You tried compiling it on Be recently? had a friend who was trying
    > it,
    > but the build failed, not sure if it was something serious though.

    Yes, I build it every week or so. It builds ok. I had to apply a few
    (dirty) patches to have it run correctly though. Nothing really
    serious, anyway.


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