1.0 binaries, platform status.

From: Blue Lizard (webmaster@dofty.zzn.com)
Date: Sun Apr 14 2002 - 04:23:11 EDT

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    Thought I might save martin a little trouble in the scramble for
    builders he seems to do every release.

    QNX: Phearbear (Johan) does his best (plenty of qnx-specific bugs), and
    will be taking care of binaries at release AFAIK.

    Solaris: Plaidrab (David) reports that solaris is good to go (other than
    a serious font problem that recently popped up out of nowhere, bug
    3129). He will be doing binaries for 1.0 on solaris. Using peer iconv
    and statically linking due to some brokenness of solaris 8's iconv. We
    shall see...

    BSD: I currently don't have a netbsd like I usually do, and probably
    won't for 1.0 (depending on when it happens). FJF used to have freebsd
    to build on, but no longer. We do need someone to build binaries for
    bsd users. I am not concerned much about abi's status on these
    platforms since much is similar/same as linux (unix/ code, and no quirks
    to cause odd manifestations). Just need a human to build it.

    Win32 is a duh. Several people to build it, and of course it works.

    2 out of the question:
    Aix...*cough* (prolly even less possible than beos)

    OSX: I assume fjf will do the xdarwin thang.

    Linux: I assume rms on the rpms, hub on ppc debs. I _could_ do i386
    debs (using abi's make deb, which lintian only reports three probs on),
    but mhatta would be much better (he currently does those in debian
    stock, but they are updated to daily cvs). Slps I will do with alien
    (got too lazy). Slack tgzs...sure, I can alien those as well. There
    are so many different permutations of linux, it is hard to really cover
    the turf.

    What am I missing?

    (this was originally gonna be a letter regarding solaris and bsd...oops)


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