Re: commit: abi: catala[n].hash

From: Andrew Dunbar (
Date: Sun Apr 14 2002 - 01:45:26 EDT

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     --- Pierre Abbat <> wrote: > On
    Saturday 13 April 2002 13:43, Andrew Dunbar
    > wrote:
    > > Yep that's right they should all be in the same
    > > scheme.
    > > If the scheme is English then it should be
    > English.
    > > I was thinking the scheme was "in their native
    > > language but without accents" but I must have been
    > > suffering jetlag at the time (:
    > I'm checking it out and I see a mix: british,
    > catalan, dansk, deutsch,
    > espanol, finnish, francais, galician, hungarian,
    > irish...

    I just created this bug to deal with this minor buy
    ugly issue:

    I didn't mention it in my bug report but another valid
    solution is to simply name them as "en-US.hash",
    "eo.hash", etc. I think we originally used whatever
    names the hashes we managed to find "out there" came
    with. I also belive that we've already changed the
    names of some of them but I may be wrong. It may also
    be decided that all the dictionaries were created by
    third parties and that they should decide the filename
    and we should just use that. Proably fair but still
    ugly. We can always mention the files' usual names
    in the docs where we are presumably giving their
    creators/maintainers credit in any case.

    Andrew Dunbar.


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