problem opening text files with long lines

From: Jeremy C. Reed (
Date: Sat Apr 13 2002 - 06:29:54 EDT

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    I noticed with NetBSD package abiword-personal-0.99.3 that it may have
    problems opening text files with long lines.

    I also noticed same problem with Debian packages: abiword-common
    0.99.3+cvs.200 and abiword-gtk 0.99.3+cvs.200. (This Debian abiword says
    "version 0.99.4".)

    It reports:

     AbiWord cannot open J.txt. It appears to be a bogus or invalid document.

    This is how I tested:

    $ jot -s " " -r 10000 > J.txt # Or use: seq -s " " 1 10000 > J.txt
    $ wc J.txt
           1 10000 29191 J.txt
    $ abiword J.txt

    I first noticed it with this file:

    $ wc workshop-20020422-for-herald-fyi.txt
           1 103 699 workshop-20020422-for-herald-fyi.txt

    I searched bugzilla, but didn't find this. I guess I should submit it

       Jeremy C. Reed

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