commit: Jordi Mas' bug 2956 fix and ut_Win32Timer.cpp vc7 build fix

From: Kenneth J.Davis (
Date: Tue Apr 09 2002 - 15:28:58 EDT

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    Committed the fix for bug 2956 from Jordi Mas, this is
    basically what I planned to do this evening.
    I did verify it works with Win95b as expected, using comctrl 4.70 and 4.72.

    I am still not sure whether 4.72 or 4.71 is the proper minimal version,
    but as I am not sure the difference between them I committed the
    patch asis (showing the warning on anything less than comctrl version 4.72)

    ut_Win32Timer.cpp changed call from using UT_Timer::static_vecTimers
    to use _getVecTimers(). Andrew Venier indicated that this did
    fix the compile error in ut_Win32Timer.cpp with VC7.
    Note: VC7 may still has an error in fv_View.cpp

    Filled in structure size before API call in xap_Win32LabelledSeparator.cpp
    as MS docs indicate this should be done. Doesn't fix anything but could possibly
    prevent future bug, and I don't believe it breaks anything.

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    CVS: Modified Files:
    CVS: src/wp/ap/win/ap_Win32App.h
    CVS: src/wp/ap/win/ap_Win32App.cpp
    CVS: src/af/util/win/ut_Win32Timer.cpp
    CVS: src/af/xap/win/xap_Win32LabelledSeparator.cpp

    Jeremy Davis

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