Re: Using DJGPP

From: Andrew Dunbar (
Date: Mon Apr 08 2002 - 05:06:19 EDT

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     --- Alan Horkan <> wrote: >
    > > > I know that AbiWord for Windows is supposed to
    > be compiled with Visual C++.
    > > > The problem is that I don't have Visual C++; I
    > have the DJGPP.
    > > >
    > > > Can AbiWord be compiled with DJGPP? I have the
    > RSX libraries, and all the
    > > > compilers.
    > > >
    > > > Are there any DJGPP-specific tutorials out there
    > that could teach me what I
    > > > need to know?
    > >
    > > As far as I know, the RSX libraries are now
    > unmaintained (RSX was basically a
    > > hack that allowed DJGPP-- gcc for dos, compile
    > win32 programs). It would
    > > probably be a better idea to try MINGW32
    > (
    > would it not be easier to try to get abiword to
    > compile using cygwin?

    This would be my preffered way to compile on Windows
    and I would very much appreciate somebody giving it a
    thorough attempt and filing detailed bug reports about
    what doesn't yet work.

    > Interested and confused
    > Alan
    > PS If you want to use the Microsoft compiler but
    > cannot afford to license it
    > some books* include a copy of Visual C++ with an
    > Educational License.
    > This prohibits the distribution of binaries but i
    > have no intention of
    > distributing binaries so it suits my needs
    > * C++ How to Program Deitel & Deitel, i dont
    > remember which edition but
    > the cover was beige.
    > PPS There is an internet legend about a free
    > Microsoft compiler, the c++
    > with none of the Visual, but I'll be damned if i can
    > ever find anything on
    > microsoft website. maybe there is a free SDK or
    > something, who knows.

    There is a free Borland compiler available for
    download without the Visual stuff. This is my second
    most preferred method to build on Windows and I'm
    equally interested to have somebody getting this to
    work for us. I liked Borland C++ Builder so much at
    a previous job that I bought it for myself at home.

    Maybe we should make this a POW?!

    Andrwe Dunbar.


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