Windows build error with msvc7

From: Andrew Venier (
Date: Sun Apr 07 2002 - 13:20:39 EDT

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    Building with msvc7, build halts with the following error:

    ut_Win32Timer.cpp(163) : error C2248: 'UT_Timer::static_vecTimers' :
    cannot access private member declared in class 'UT_ Timer'
            d:/abi\abi\src\af\util\xp\ut_timer.h(69) : see declaration of
            d:/abi\abi\src\af\util\xp\ut_timer.h(38) : see declaration of

    Since I don't have access to msvc5 or msvc6 right now, can someone tell
    me: did those compilers let this pass? Is this an compiler bug or a
    coding error? Could someone who knows this area of the source a bit
    take a look at this?

    P.S. These files had some recent changes, so I backed of to
    release-0-99-3 version of these files, but got the same error.

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