RE: Font Size save to blank lines in RTF files

From: Virgil Arrington Jr. (
Date: Tue Apr 02 2002 - 02:01:11 EST

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    I was playing today with Abi and RTF files and discovered that the saving of
    font size to blank lines does not appear to be necessarily an issue of Word
    vs. Abi. Rather, it appears to be an issue of formatting with styles vs.
    formatting "manually" through the Alt-Format dialog boxes.

    For some reason that I cannot figure out, if I format a file "manually"
    without using styles, then save the file as RTF and reopen it in Abi, all of
    my blank lines appear in Abi's default font size of 12, regardless of the
    font size I manually selected. In this way, Abi acts just like Word by
    applying its own default font size to the blank lines.

    However, if I format the file using styles, then save the file as RTF and
    reopen it in Abi, the font size my blank lines is properly preserved with
    the font size of the style I used to format them. (however, when opened in
    Word, the blank lines still appear in Word's default font size).

    So, even with files saved and reopened only in Abi, there seems to be a
    discrepancy in the RTF export when formatting with styles vs. formatting

    I downloaded today's nightly build -- at around 3:00 p.m. -- and the
    behavior continued in that version.


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