Re: Autotext for letters in a different language

Subject: Re: Autotext for letters in a different language
From: Alan (
Date: Thu Sep 27 2001 - 12:58:35 CDT

Andrew Dunbar wrote:
> --- Dom Lachowicz <> wrote: >
> Quoting Andrew Dunbar <>:
> >
> >
> > > Dom, I think the correct "Just Works" fix would be
> > for
> > > the menu items to be dynamic. If the user changes
> > the
> > > language to German, it would make perfect sense
> > for
> > > these menu items to display "Guten Tag".
> > > I wouldn't be surprised if it turns out harder to
> > do
> > > than expected though when taking into account the
> > > details of Japanese, Unicode and the usual
> > language
> > > related yuck.
> > > But I do think it's a perfectly valid RFE.
> >
> > God that's awful from so many standpoints. No, this
> > is horrible and wrong
> > behavior and won't be happening.

I have to agree with Dom that Auto text should match the language of the
but i can see how it would be useful to _Also_ have a menu with the
Autotext from the German String Set, but Autotext should always have a
label that matches what will be put on the page.
> Hmm I can't see any awfulness from any standpoints.
> Can you please describe them? Personally I find
> autotext quite useless and simplistic anyway but for

Ive said it before and i agree with you.
having to take my hands off the keyboard and make 3 mouse clicks just to
insert the words "To:" or "CC:" ?
If the Autotext allowed the user to define Autotext maybe {address} or
{sig} fields perhaps, but in its currently state i think it is useless
(although for longer words it might be useful for less proficient
typists, but id rather use a Multi Clipboard or cut and paste from
anther open doc or something).

An advanced user defined shorthand would be very useful, but that would
probalby more accurately be called AutoReplace

> those who do use it and do create multilingual
> documents it sounds perfectly reasonable to me.
> If there is such a thing as a multilingual church
> secretary who uses autotext I dare say they may even
> be confused.
> So we have any multilingual people here who do use
> autotext? What do you think?

Lets ask the users list

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