Listings on Shareware Sites

Subject: Listings on Shareware Sites
From: Jared Davis (
Date: Mon Sep 24 2001 - 14:51:43 CDT

Hey everyone,

I've come up with a short list of about 40 shareware/freeware sites
that list AbiWord. You can see the complete spreadsheet in gnumeric or
excel format at:

Some highlights: claims 78,000 windows downloads and 13,000 linux downloads. claims 27,000 downloads of 0.9.2. claims 20,000 hits sent to abiword's home page. claims 4,500 downloads. claims 1,000 downloads. claims 1,000 downloads.

Unfortunately, many of these sites are sorely out of date. In particular,
CNet's site is still listing version 0.7.13 for the windows download, and
0.7.1 or the linux download. This is kind of bad because CNet is
seemingly responsible for a very large amount of downloads.

This probably isn't imperative right now, but for the 1.0 release it might
be well worth the time it would take to contact these sites. Maybe we
should come up with a release strategy that involves updating some of
these sites? A simple spreadsheet could serve as a good database if we
kept it updated, and you could spread the responsibility out so that
each person who was willing to contact these sites would only have to
contact a few of them. My list certainly isn't comprehensive, but it only
took an hour or so of google searching to create.



Love all, serve all.

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