Try Thiis Sequence

Subject: Try Thiis Sequence
From: Randy Kramer (
Date: Mon Sep 17 2001 - 20:36:27 CDT

Try this sequence: (I'm doing (almost) all my testing in Win95.)

- Start a new document.

- Type test<return> twice. Select both lines, apply Chapter Heading 1

- Problem 1: Note what is selected ("st Chapter 2") -- is wrong (ideally
it should be both lines in their entirety).

- Select both lines. Delete them. Type test, press return. Problem 2:
Note that "Chapter 1" is inserted on the line after test. Part of the
problem here (or a related problem) is that the headings were not
deleted in their entirety -- the pilcrow remained.

- Note that "test" is in bold face 17 pt. Arial, and if you look before
you move the cursor, the style (in the combo style box), is labeled
"Chapter Heading 1". However, if you move the cursor down and back up,
this line is now labeled as being in Normal style. So another problem,
that occurs under several circumstances, is that, after an occurrence
that causes a change in style, styles are not always immediately
displayed correctly.

- Now, do the following to get attempt to get back to Normal style --
select everything, delete it. Apply normal style. Type test<return>.
Note that it is still bold. Switch bold face off. Type test<return>
several times. View the XML. Note all the attributes associated with
each paragraph.

Sometime tomorrow I'll try to enter appropriate bugs in bugzilla.

Randy Kramer

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