Re: patch to fix bug 1211 - RTF importer

Subject: Re: patch to fix bug 1211 - RTF importer
From: Martin Sevior (
Date: Fri Sep 14 2001 - 01:48:26 CDT

On Thu, 13 Sep 2001, Matti Picus wrote:

> I am resubmitting this patch for testing. My previous patch was apparently
> received after someone else modified the file, so I'm a bit paranoid about
> making sure this works. I did the following (in a cygwin bash console,
> running on win2000):
> rm ie_imp_RTF.cpp
> cvs update ie_imp_RTF.cpp
> {edit file to add my super duper changes}
> cvs diff -c ie_imp_RTF.cpp > bug1211.patch
> rm ie_imp_RTF.cpp
> cvs update ie_imp_RTF.cpp
> patch < bug1211.patch
> {test that I fixed what I wanted to fix}

Hi Matti,
         You not quite exploiting the full power of cvs....

Here is what you should do...

cvs update (Do this in you abi direcotry that whole of the abi tree
                will be ipdated).

{edit file(s) to make your super-duper changes.}

cvs update (This will merge any changes that have been made between
                when you first checked out the code and now. If CVS is not
                100% certain that is can merge the code, it will mark the
                sections of the code it wasn't sure about for you to hand

cvs diff -u > all_myfiles.diff

That's it :-)

However if you want to add more files to the tree that is more work.



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