Re: Cyrillic in AW documents

Subject: Re: Cyrillic in AW documents
From: Tomas Frydrych (
Date: Mon Sep 10 2001 - 18:01:39 CDT

Hi Andrew,

> Hi again Tomas. Off the top of my head I have the
> feeling that *nix and Windows use different XML
> libraries at the moment. One uses expat and I forget
> the other. Though on at least one platform, you can
> build with the other library as well. My hunch is
> that these two libraries handle the encoding
> declaration slightly differently.

I cannot recall now whether I have mentioned it on the list, but
having had a look at Dmitriy's Linux-produced abw file, I suspect
that in this particular case the Linux locale is not correctly set up
and AW is being told by LANG that the encoding is KOI8-R, but
the X server sends it Latin1 keystrokes. I know that in some locale
HOWTO'S the users are told to set up iso-8859-1 and only pretend
that the locale is something else. This works fine with 8-bit
applications, but, obviously, not for Unicode based applications. If
my suspicions are correct, then it is not AW that is at fault here.

I think I will put a note about this in the UnixLocale.txt file.


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