How to apply formatting to a pt_PieceTable?

Subject: How to apply formatting to a pt_PieceTable?
From: Matti Picus (
Date: Mon Sep 10 2001 - 18:21:31 CDT

I am trying to get the RTF importer to set the style (some would say name)
of a imported chunk. Apparently it works differently from other
formatting, say margin-right or margin-left.

The importer calls PD_Document::appendStrux with information about how to
format the chunk: margin-right etc. This ends up in a pt_PieceTable.
However the style/name has no effect, all the imported text ends up with
the default style/name "None". Just to be on the safe side I tried with
both "style:AbiWordSpecial;" and "name:AbiWordSpecial;"

I imagine I want to use pt_PieceTable::changeStruxFmt since it seems to
relate to styles/names, but I cannot figure out how.

When I finish importing, and use the style dialog box to change the style
of a paragraph, I end up in fl_BlockLayout::doclistener_changeStrux and
change a variable called m_szStyle. I don't see a pt_PieceTable anywhere
around, but I probably am not looking well enough.

Any one care to help?


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