Re: Testing Update: New Summary, Problem on File Close

Subject: Re: Testing Update: New Summary, Problem on File Close
From: Randy Kramer (
Date: Mon Sep 10 2001 - 09:32:31 CDT

Ok, this seems repeatable (after a clean boot, nothing else running):
        Open AbiWord
        Open a document
        Use File --> Close to close the document
        Start typing -- eveything appears OK
        Use File --> Close to close the document, when prompted, do not save
the document (havenít tried so far with saving -- now tried, doesnít
matter whether I save or not)
        Start typing -- strange behavior

There are some variations -- when I created this document, saved it,
then did File --> Close, then started typing, I had the problem. (So,
sometimes it seems I have go through the File --> Close sequence twice
to see the problem, and sometimes not.)

Also occurred after I modified this document, then used <alt>fs to save
it. (Occurred after one instance of File --> Close.

Randy Kramer

Randy Kramer wrote:
> I may have jumped the gun on the next item. It seems it is not
> consistently repeatable. After I wrote this original note and went back
> to AbiWord, and did something fairly innocent (pressed <enter>?),
> AbiWord crashed. After restarting AbiWord, I loaded a document, did
> File --> Close, and started typing. Seemed to work fine. Then I did
> File --> Close on that document, switched to Heading 1 style, started
> typing, back to the problem I described. I'm going to shut down my
> other programs, then reboot, and see if I can duplicate the problem on a
> clean system.

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