Re: Testing Update: New Summary, Problem on File Close

Subject: Re: Testing Update: New Summary, Problem on File Close
From: Randy Kramer (
Date: Mon Sep 10 2001 - 08:31:56 CDT

Randy Kramer wrote:
> I've posted a new summary (FirstSum4.abw) at
> It has a
> few more observations, three of them in the list of new observations but
> with a new heading, and one nearer the end with the word UPDATE
> included.

I may have jumped the gun on the next item. It seems it is not
consistently repeatable. After I wrote this original note and went back
to AbiWord, and did something fairly innocent (pressed <enter>?),
AbiWord crashed. After restarting AbiWord, I loaded a document, did
File --> Close, and started typing. Seemed to work fine. Then I did
File --> Close on that document, switched to Heading 1 style, started
typing, back to the problem I described. I'm going to shut down my
other programs, then reboot, and see if I can duplicate the problem on a
clean system.

Randy Kramer
> I then went on to try creating some new styles and modifying some built
> in styles. I started by (trying to) create a new document. I did File
> --> Close on the last open document, and, since I had the preference
> set, it did what I expected, it did not close AbiWord. Instead it
> presented a blank white document which was labeled Untitled6 (well, I
> tried this several times, which is why when I checked it said Untitled6,
> instead of what it presumably was on the first trial, Untitled1).
> Anyway, I tried typing in that document. It didn't work very well.
> When I started by setting the style to Heading 1, at first nothing
> appeared, and then I realized that only one character at a time was
> appearing at the location of the cursor.
> In a later trial, I left the style as Normal -- in that case it appeared
> to be OK as I started typing until it reached the end of the line --
> instead of wrapping it just stayed at the end of the line, overtyping
> the previous characters.
> After several trials, I did File --> New to explicitly get a new
> document before starting to type. It seems that solves the problem.
> I've come to the tentative conclusion that the blank white window with
> "Untitledx" in the title bar does not really represent a document after
> the File --> Close, and hence:
> * either it should not appear as such (the window should appear gray,
> without Untitledx in the title bar),
> * or a File --> New should be "implicitly" issued so that it is a
> "real" document
> My preference would be for the gray window -- I hesitated to even
> suggest the second alternative, but just mentioned it to present some
> choice.
> Randy Kramer

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