Win32 testing, primarily of styles

Subject: Win32 testing, primarily of styles
From: Randy Kramer (
Date: Sun Sep 09 2001 - 19:21:04 CDT

I've attached file FirstSum3.abw to the web page

It is the latest attempt I made to summarize my observations while
testing the release for Win32, primarily focusing on styles.

It is not a finished product, but I felt I should put something out
today because I said I would.

I think release of can go ahead or be postponed regardless of my
observations. If it is postponed, we can consider discussing, fixing,
or adding some of the observations to Bugzilla (if they are not
duplicates). If it goes ahead, we can still have the discussion, and
then fix or add items to Bugzilla.

Some of the items are really for discussion, some of the items are notes
to myself, but some of the items are definite bugs. If the style change
which Paul Rohr suggested is done, there is a chance that some of the
items will be fixed by that change. (I really don't have any idea.)

Randy Kramer

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