Need help to enable RTF style import

Subject: Need help to enable RTF style import
From: Matti Picus (
Date: Sun Sep 09 2001 - 18:05:38 CDT

Here is a first cut at importing RTF styles, a patch from the latest CVS,
and the raw files if the diff format is screwy.

This is for brave souls only, there are still three
major problems and lots of minor ones:

1. There is an ugly memory leak somewhere.

2. The paragraph and character attributes are parsed
     but not applied to the style. I tried, really I did,
     to make heads or tails of IE_Imp_RTF::ApplyParagraphAttributes()
     with no luck. I think this function must be rewritten into
     ~100 line chunks so that mere mortals can use its magical
     power (I know, my function is also long. Practice what you preach...)

3. The styles appear on the GUI, but the importer does not assign style
     names to the runs it imports. The importer must now relate to the
     \sN keyword.

Any takers?


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