Re: Debugging for dummies

Subject: Re: Debugging for dummies
From: Andrew Dunbar (
Date: Wed Sep 05 2001 - 05:55:25 CDT

 --- Matti Picus <> wrote: > I consider
myself an experienced windows programmer,
> and even understand
> the RTF format. I have conquered the make process
> on the Windows platform
> (windows98 and 2000, Hebrew version) and am now up
> and running, trying to
> debug RTF import. I am getting an assert deep in
> the import process.
> 1. Has someone written an overview of the classes
> and how they work
> together to parse a document?
> 2. What is the best way to view the document
> structure? Is there some debug
> function that I can run in a watch window that will
> dump the document
> structure?
> Thanks,
> Matti

Hi Matti. Can you please post the relevant parts of
the debug messages up to and including the assert?

Andrew Dunbar.


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