Possible Tinderbox Host

Subject: Possible Tinderbox Host
From: Jared Davis (jared@kinowin.zeddiclan.com)
Date: Sat Sep 01 2001 - 11:48:26 CDT

I don't know if you still need more tinderbox machines, but I've got
an old p2-266 (redhat 6.1 2.2.12-20 i686) which is bored out of its
mind and might be good at it. It told me that it wants to help out
in any way it can.

I've also seen the rpm-3 discussions going around. This machine has
rpm-3.0.3-2 installed, so it might be good for something like that.

The machine can successfully compile abi from cvs already, and has a
fast (four t1's) connection. It's slow, but sturdy.



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