Re: Commit: Normal Mode Work

Subject: Re: Commit: Normal Mode Work
From: Hubert Figuiere (
Date: Wed Oct 31 2001 - 06:56:49 CST

According to Andrew Dunbar <>:

> Just to let you know, Word 2001 on Mac also goes
> into Page Layout mode when you edit the headers and
> footers from another mode. There is a tickable
> menu item "View/Head and Footer" to get you there.
> Turning this on/off takes you back to whatever mode
> you were otherwise using.

This is brain damaged and confusing for the user.

My suggestion about editing heades/footers in normal mode is to create
splitted view for the header and the footer, the first one at the top, the
other at the bottom, that will reflect the header/footer of the currently
displayed section.

See attached "screenshot" slightly hacked in GIMP.
Not that I'd suggest putting some "close box" in the header and footer panel
to dismiss them, and some button just on top of the frame scrool bar to
show/dismiss them.

On the other side, I'm gonna file a bug to ask for page removal in normal
mode. This mode should not have column limits, margin and al. drawn.


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