Re: Recompiled

Subject: Re: Recompiled
Date: Mon Oct 29 2001 - 04:05:15 CST

>>>>> "ray" == ray hartman <> writes:

ray> Gents: The Abiword Weekly news never states if/that the current
ray> downloadable AbiWord version has been recompiled to eliminate
ray> fixed bugs.

Whenever AbiWord gets rebuild for users, it's annonced as a new
release. Per your suggestion I'll add a new section with pointers to
the latest release.

ray> I know weeks ago I tried Win_AW_4.9.1 on my WinME sys and got
ray> "missing" DLL error messages and I haven't retried.

I belive this was fixed after a day or so. It was a simple
oversight. I even remember mentioning it in an AWN issue.

ray> I'm still using a much earlier version. What's the story??

Humans doing the development. Don't trust them to be perfect. When
told of problems, they'll try to fix things up though (timely bug
reports much preferred though).

ray> Concrete plainly stated info from the users point-of-view is VERY
ray> important.

I fully agree. I just wish more _users_ would help bring that noble
goal to light: I don't have the time or energy to hunt down users and
beat on them until they tell me what they think: they'll have to
report it themselves.

If anyone out there would be interested in editing a user-specific
section of the AWN with latest user stories, feedback, and whatnot,
I'd be happy to accept such contributions. Just let me know, and we'll
get it rolling.

ray> That's your job.

No, I'm paid by Red Hat to work on eCos and eLinux. The time I
volunteer to AbiWord, I get to decide what I do with.

If you want to sponsor someone to work on AbiWord or AWN, I'm sure
they'd be happy to let you decide what they should be doing with the
time :)

Thanks for the feedback!


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