Re: Mac info on homepage

Subject: Re: Mac info on homepage
From: Hubert Figuiere (
Date: Sun Oct 28 2001 - 12:35:00 CST

According to Andrew Dunbar <>:
> I'm impressed with the new website but I can't seem to
> find any info there on our Mac port such as it is.

Of course. The only info is abi/docs on the source tree....

> At the moment I have access to a Mac for the first
> time
> since I got involved in AbiWord and I'd love to try
> compiling and testing but I can't find much info.

BUILD.TXT has info on it.

> Can we add some Mac-related info to our website
> please?

I'll try to put up some info at

> I want to know which compilers and OSes are supported.

MacOS X using Apple C compiler and GNU toolchain.

> I have access to a G3 powerbook running OS9.1 and
> CodeWarrior. Is this sufficient.

MacOS X.

> It seems that MSWord2001 on Mac lacks some features I
> need so I'd like to have a look into it to make sure
> we
> are better than the main commercial competition. (:

One of the main feature we have is that we don't cost USD 300 to upgrade
from 6 month old version and that we show our source. :-)))
On the other side, don't expect the MacOS X version to be functionnal at
all... MacOS X-ers can grab the XDarwin version that is in fact a UNIX
version running with X11.


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