bg-BG system profile

Subject: bg-BG system profile
From: Alexander Shopov (
Date: Sat Oct 27 2001 - 06:21:53 CDT

Hi guys,
I want to prepare the bg-BG system profile.
However I have this difficulty - I want smartquotes to behave according
to Bulgarian rules.
Our opening quotes look like small 99 situated at the bottom of the line
before the first letter of the quotation
(unicode name DOUBLE LOW-9 QUOTATION MARK, number 201E)
And our closing quotes look like small 66 situated at the top of the
line after the final letter of the quotation
(unicode name DOUBLE HIGH-REVERSED-9 QUOTATION MARK, number 201F)
The closing quotation mark is not present as character in CP1251, but
looks like "left double quotation marks in MS CP1251 fonts.
What can I do to achieve Bulgarian smartquotes?
(actually, the fonts I have here do not contain 201F, but this is
fixable ;->, the licence is GPL)

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