[OT] Some good press...

Subject: [OT] Some good press...
From: Jared Davis (abiword@aiksaurus.com)
Date: Fri Oct 26 2001 - 00:50:28 CDT

Although I do hesitate to admit to it, I occasionally glance at slashdot...

Here again they've posted a delightful article about error handling in open
source... the url is here:

The article mentions abiword as follows:

"At first I wondered if this was a problem that you would be more likely to
find when developers use one graphical toolkit rather than another. But I see
both good and bad error handling no matter which tools people use. For
example, the GNOME/Gtk word processor AbiWord has been flawless lately. Not a
single warning or error message appears in the console. It's possible that
AbiWord simply isn't directing output to the console, but I'm guessing that
it's simply a well-tested and well-behaved application."

Anyway, it surprised me to find Abi mentioned in the article, and I'm glad it
was in a positive light.

And as Martin aptly pointed out, "he's obviously not running the debug build!"
tee hee..


Love all, serve all.

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