Icons, Hyperlink, Anchor, Smiley!

Subject: Icons, Hyperlink, Anchor, Smiley!
From: Alan (horkana@tcd.ie)
Date: Thu Oct 25 2001 - 18:49:21 CDT

In anticipation of hyperlinks i made these icons, and finally we have
these features.

Attached are three icons in XPM format

Anchor, a picture of an anchor, intended for Anchors aka Relative
Hyperlinks. Its not perfect but i spent a lot of time working on it and
if some one want to change/replace it i would appreciate if they would
try not to change it dramitically

Hyperlink, a chain link which may resemble an icon you have seen in
another program 4.x but i assure you that it is a totally coincidence
and hope it will still be used.

Smiley! if abiword is ever to have customisable toolbars we will need a
generic icon to go in place of scripts/macros or anything else that does
not have its own icon already available so i propose that the smiley ive
drawn be used (i also have a green and red version of this smiley and
sad face which i will submit if desired).

I hope someone will like these icons and commit then and add them to the
toolbar (at least hidden behind an #ifdef DEBUG until some one provides
something else)

Mise le meas
Alan Horkan




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