Re: Announce: new web site

Subject: Re: Announce: new web site
From: Martin Sevior (
Date: Wed Oct 24 2001 - 19:53:17 CDT

HI Jared,
        This is really great. Thanks very much and in particular for
volenteering to maintain the site.

It recognized my galeon browser no problems and sent me to the correct
download page. Very nice and professional.

BTW galeon is a great piece of software. It blows away mozilla and

Can I now start sending in full screen shots of abiword in all it's glory?
The little snapshots we've had on our front page don't do justice to all
it's features.

One little nitpick. In the the developers section you ask for code
contributions to In practice patches get more
attention if sent to So to contribute to
abiword you have to subscribe to

Anyway, great work :-)



On Wed, 24 Oct 2001, Jared Davis wrote:

> Hey all,
> If you visited the web site this afternoon you may have noticed it in a
> somwhat chaotic state. This is now over with, and the new web site is
> now live. I'd appreciate it if people would look it over and make sure that
> things work, and feedback is always welcome. Also, thanks to hub and dom for
> helping me out with the update process.
> Some things aren't great yet. In particular, the downloads page will be
> getting a lot of work in the next few days.
> Jesper -- I need to talk to you about the AWN pages. The changes aren't
> drastic but I understand there's some XML/XSL compiling or something going on
> to change them. Please ignore the missing couple of AWN's... I'll add those
> manually tonight if I haven't heard from you.
> Others -- Whoever does the feature matrix, UI matrix, etc. And pretty
> much anyone else who does dynamic stuff on the site, pleast contact me to let
> me know who you are and what needs to stay in place.
> I'm looking forward to maintaining this and adding functionality.
> Enjoy!
> Jared
> --
> Love all, serve all.

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