Commit: .wri import, at last

Subject: Commit: .wri import, at last
From: Hubert Figuiere (
Date: Wed Oct 24 2001 - 18:20:19 CDT

With a joint effort of Sean, Dom and I, we finally have a MS-Write import
that almost work.
Current TODO:
-handle images
-convert non ASCII chars
-handle OLE stuff if possible
-handle header/footers
-fix Word auto-detect

CVS: Modified Files:
CVS: src/wp/impexp/xp/
CVS: src/wp/impexp/xp/ie_imp_MSWrite.cpp
CVS: src/wp/impexp/xp/ie_imp_MSWrite.h
CVS: src/wp/impexp/xp/ie_impexp_MSWrite.cpp
CVS: src/wp/impexp/xp/ie_impexp_MSWrite.h
CVS: src/wp/impexp/xp/ie_impexp_Register.cpp
CVS: src/wp/impexp/xp/Makefile


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