Re: How to build the Aiksaurus plugin?

Subject: Re: How to build the Aiksaurus plugin?
From: Hubert Figuiere (
Date: Tue Oct 23 2001 - 04:53:25 CDT

According to F J Franklin <>:

> > Did you do this from scratch or did you copy over what I made for MacOS X
> > (even though I did not include data files).
> Sorry, I didn't mean to take credit for your work.
> I have used AbiWord.icns, Info.plist and PkgInfo from
> abi/src/wp/main/mac/bundle

I just wanted to know whether I would have interest in digging in what you
made to check with my stuff or not. I don't mind you to take it. After it is
Free software :-)

> Originally I was putting the AbiSuite subdirectories in
>, but after yesterday's talk on plugins I
> have decided to have an AbiSuite folder which contains the AbiSuite
> subdirectories and the bundle - which makes it a lot simpler
> to add plugins, dictionaries, etc. Then it's just a case of copying the
> folder to /Applications (or wherever) and dragging Abi the Ant to the
> Launcher...

I'm not sure it is the correct way to go. Keepind the AbiSuite directory
inside the application bundle is IMHO what we should do, and we should build
plug-ins as bundles too that we throw either in the application bundle or in
some user location like ~/Library/AbiSuite

> The tricky bit is in the wrapper scripts. I have a binary executable which
> does a chdir () to /.../ and then calls a modified
> version of the usual AbiWord wrapper via execve (), and the AbiWord
> wrapper sets ABISUITE_HOME=../.. etc.

I'm not sure to know how to do this properly. Currently the Mac port does NOT
care for the ABISUITE_HOME dir. IMHO it will find it using bundle services.


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