Re: hash files, howto get em?

Subject: Re: hash files, howto get em?
From: Martin Willemoes Hansen (
Date: Tue Oct 23 2001 - 04:27:30 CDT

> There is a abispell pakcage downloadable from sourceforge

Ahh kool, umh I downloaded the 0.9.0 abispell tar.gz ball cause im not
using RPM.

> Once you have installed the dictionnay, set the language of the selected
> text within AbiWord. This allow spell checking in different languages
> within
> the same document.

Heh I had some trouble getting it going until I did what you wrote, ie
selecting the text, then change language.
Before I just changed the language to Danish, but it keept spellchecking it
in American-English.

Anways great idea to be able to spell check the same doc. in various
languages :O)

PS. How oftent is these hash files being updated? Will the hash files only
be available in a tar ball along with the rpms? I do not know what I should
do with the aff files and what are the difference between be and le?

Martin Willemoes Hansen

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