commit: abi: XML parser update & bits and bobs

Subject: commit: abi: XML parser update & bits and bobs
From: F J Franklin (
Date: Mon Oct 22 2001 - 02:58:52 CDT

AbiWord can now build with libxml2.

Funnily enough, I was about to apply an earlier version of this patch on
Saturday when it occured to me that I hadn't tested with expat in a
while... good thing I held off!

Anyway, I'm fairly certain they both work now.

BTW, it became very clear that no one has used libxml2 in a long time.
Even the simple change from XML_Char=char to XML_Char=xmlChar=uchar
gave the compiler an apoplectic (?) fit. Rather than fix all of this, I
decided to define XML_Char=char for the libxml2 case everywhere outside of
ut_xml.cpp - which is probably very bad practice, but there's no easy

o force libxml2 if requested
o be careful with truncate(0) in UT_GrowBuf
o make lesser() static in ut_map.cpp and ut_set.cpp
o ut_xml: added sniff (), stop () & other new functionality
          fixes to support for libxml2
          libxml2 HTML parser support
o ut_string: remove XML parser stuff (UT_decodeXMLstring ())
o ap_Prefs.cpp: use UT_XML::decode () instead of UT_decodeXMLstring ()
o minor XDarwin-specific fixes in xap_ModuleManager.cpp & ap_UnixApp.cpp
o don't create soft link on case-insensitive file system

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CVS: abi/ac-helpers/abi-xml-parser.m4
CVS: abi/src/af/util/xp/ut_growbuf.cpp
CVS: abi/src/af/util/xp/ut_map.cpp abi/src/af/util/xp/ut_set.cpp
CVS: abi/src/af/util/xp/ut_string.cpp
CVS: abi/src/af/util/xp/ut_string.h abi/src/af/util/xp/ut_xml.cpp
CVS: abi/src/af/util/xp/ut_xml.h
CVS: abi/src/af/xap/xp/xap_ModuleManager.cpp
CVS: abi/src/wp/ap/unix/ap_UnixApp.cpp
CVS: abi/src/wp/ap/xp/ap_Prefs.cpp
CVS: abi/src/wp/main/unix/

Regards, Frank

Francis James Franklin

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