commit: bookmarks and some bidi

Subject: commit: bookmarks and some bidi
From: Tomas Frydrych (
Date: Sun Oct 21 2001 - 16:50:06 CDT

I have implemented bookmarks, the only thing missing is an "Insert
Bookmark" dialogue; for the time being I am using the Password
dialogue, and the menu item Insert->Bookmark is enabled only in
debug build (the GoTo dialog has been updated though).

The bookmarks use new object type "bookmark" which in the abi
XML is represented by a token <bookmark /> with two attributes:
"name", and "type". Name is the name of the bookmark, type can
be either "start" or "end" -- each bookmark is represented by two
tokens with identical names, but of different type, so that portions
of the document, rather than mere locations can be bookmarked.

I have also made some changes to the bidi version of fp_TextRun
that result in much faster drawing, but at the cost of increased
memory requirenments of 2 bytes per character. This is not
negiligeable, but in my view is acceptable (in a 100, 000 word
document, which is a manuscript of cca 250 pages, the extra
requirenment should be around 2MB, which at today's costs of
memory should not pose problems for anyone wanting to write 100,
000 word documents).


Files modified:
Checking in ut_types.h;
<-- pd_Document.cpp
- pd_Document.h
v <-- pf_Frag_Object.cpp
 <-- pf_Frag_Object.h
cpp,v <-- pt_PT_InsertObject.cpp
Checking in fb_LineBreaker.cpp;
Checking in fl_BlockLayout.cpp;
Checking in fl_BlockLayout.h;
Checking in fl_DocListener.cpp;
Checking in fl_Layout.cpp;
Checking in fl_Layout.h;
Checking in fp_Run.cpp;
Checking in fp_Run.h;
Checking in fp_TextRun.cpp;
Checking in fp_TextRun.h;
Checking in fv_View.cpp;
Checking in fv_View.h;
cvs server: scheduling file `po_Bookmark.cpp'
for addition
cvs server: scheduling file `po_Bookmark.h' for
Checking in po_Bookmark.cpp;
Checking in po_Bookmark.h;
Checking in ap_Dialog_Goto.cpp;
Checking in ap_EditMethods.cpp;
Checking in ap_Menu_ActionSet.cpp;
Checking in ap_Menu_Id.h;
Checking in ap_Menu_LabelSet.cpp;
Checking in ap_Menu_LabelSet_en-US.h;
Checking in ap_Menu_Layouts_MainMenu.h;
Checking in ap_String_Id.h;
Checking in ie_exp_AbiWord_1.cpp;
Checking in ie_exp_Text.cpp;
Checking in ie_imp_AbiWord_1.cpp;
Checking in ie_imp_Text.cpp;

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