Re: Soft feature post 0.9.5.

Subject: Re: Soft feature post 0.9.5.
From: Dom Lachowicz (
Date: Wed Oct 17 2001 - 08:39:30 CDT

Quoting Martin Sevior <>:

> 1. More image types. Dom+?
> 2. image dialog for scaling, Dom
> 3. Move Perl scripting to a plugin - Joaquin, Dom
> 4. Make plugin's work on Windows - Micheal.
> 5. Allow nested lists to exclude some previous levels - Matti.

6. Password dialog for MSWord "encrypted" documents (Dom+, almost done for
7. Insert->File... (Dom, first go-around will be trivial and 99% correct)
8. MailMerge Fields (possibly... Dom+)

Outside the tree, I want to develop a plugin to integrate Abi with CVS
versioning control (9) which shouldn't be too hard. My current priorities in
order are:

6,7,2,3,1,(8,9). #4 was already done by myself and Michael, though Tamlin
rightly does point out that we're going to run into memory
allocation/deallocation issues on all platforms and we're going to need to fix
that sooner rather than later. I hope to have 6&7 done today, and maybe even
2. CVS Blame will only tell...


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