Re: Middle dot in win95/98

Subject: Re: Middle dot in win95/98
From: Jesús Corrius (
Date: Sun Oct 14 2001 - 09:13:48 CDT

Randy Kramer wrote:

> Matti Picus wrote:
>> Whoops, forgot the attatchmet. Anyone running a pure English
>> version of Win95/98 and can debug this? On my Win98 which is
>> Hebrew enabled, the document shows a middle dot. The original
>> sender says the middle dot shows up as a square on his version of
>> but is OK in Win2000 or NT.
> Matti,
> I tried this on my AbiWord ("pure" English), Win95 (oem version),
> and the middle dot appears fine in the standard font (Times New
> Roman). (I increased the font size to 72 points to get a good look at
> it -- it's a round dot, not a square.)
> Is it, perhaps, a font issue?

It's really strange. On Windows 2000/NT always appears fine, but not on
some Windows 9x/Me machines. We have the same problem with the Mozilla
language pack (but there seems to be a bug in the source code)
I'll keep investigating...

Thank you all there.

Jesús Corrius

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