Re: Fwd: Bug#113610: AbiWord- CJK fix is available

Subject: Re: Fwd: Bug#113610: AbiWord- CJK fix is available
From: Andrew Dunbar (
Date: Sun Oct 14 2001 - 08:56:14 CDT

 --- Matti Picus <> wrote: > Does CJK
input on windows involve combination
> keycodes (more than one
> consecutive keypress, not simultaneous keypresses as
> in alt-key or
> ctrl-key)? I touched this a while back to allow
> hebrew input to work. File
> src/af/ev/win/ev_Win32Keyboard.cpp, revison 1.27 ->
> 1.28

Well CJK IMEs (Input Method Editors) generate their
own windows messages (I'm only talking about the Win32
version) which can pass a string at a time or generate
a series of keypress events. I did this code on
Windows but forget exactly which way I implemented it.
I had to find a way that worked on both the old
Win 95 multibyte systems and the new NT/2000 unicode
systems from memory. I did pass a lot of my logic
through the same functions that were handling 'normal'
keypresses since they were already handling slightly
exotic stuff anyway. AFAIK there are no
simultaneous keypresses in CJK input though.

Hope this can guide somebody in the right direction...

Andrew Dunbar.

> AFAIK, only hebrew and vietnamese use combination
> keycodes, at least in my
> version of iconv :).
> Matti
> At 02:19 PM 11/10/2001 +0100, you wrote:
> >I noticed the other week that CJK input is broken
> on
> >Windows now too. Perhaps there is some problem
> >affecting CJK input in the XP code?
> >
> >Andrew Dunbar


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