Re: Fruits of the [Grocery Store]

Subject: Re: Fruits of the [Grocery Store]
From: Tim Schmidt (
Date: Fri Oct 12 2001 - 19:28:16 CDT

Excellent points... I will look into customizing the NSIS installer... I
don't have CVS access, so any work I do will have to be commited by someone
else... I'll post it to the list.

Problems with including dependencies is that there are literally millions of
variations on how to do it... include binaries for all 120 some
distributions? Source only? Do I have to write documentation on how to
install them all? I'll look into it, but I'm not promising anything.


>From: Alan <>
>To: Tim Schmidt <>, AbiWord Dev List
>Subject: Re: Fruits of the [Grocery Store]
>Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2001 11:56:04 +0100
>Tim Schmidt wrote:
> >
> > Attached is a -very- early version of the file-system layout spec for
> > [Grocery Store] Marketing Project CDs. Not all files are listed yet, I
> > wanted to generate a little discussion on some of the issues involving
> > ease-of-installation, Mac compatability (do Macs understand ISO 9660
> > 1?), and a little readme for the Linux RPMs.
> >
> > I will incorporate all feedback, and ramp up versions rapidly. I expect
> > this document to grow to be at least 20 pages (although I will try to
> > it as compact as possible while conveying the needed information).
>From the document:
> > Since there is only one Win32 version of AbiWord, I think that it should
>be automatically
>i disagree, there are at least 2 versions. dont forget the bidi
>version. And the installer is currently only available in English which
>is not ideal (im not volunteering to do the localisation just yet, but i
>think NSIS provides a mechanism for localisation).
>A cd would require a more complete installer than we currently have,
>offering bidi and non bidi builds, language packs, all available
>documentation and all stable plugins (and anything else available).
>perhaps you should add an XP directory to your list, for all the cross
>platform items. it would be possible to write a windows installer that
>did not contain the help docs and clipart etc, but merely copied them
>from elsewhere on the disc (and this would be fair bit of effort to save
>you a mere 1MB).
>i assume you have used the previous CD issued by Abisource as some sort
>of a guidline?
>there used to be a picture somewhere on the site, but i dont see it
> >extremely inexperienced users
>i technically fall into this camp, but largely because im unashamedly
>lazy. I definately dont want to have to hunting for any dependancies,
>all reasonable efforts should be made to include the necessary libraries
>on the CD. I know that with online distribution this is not considered
>the develepors problem, but when you get a CD you dont expect to go
>download librarys off the internet.
>I think completeness is more important than size, perhaps when the
>complete collection is ready to be made into an iso image it may be
>worth slimming it down 10-20 MB to fit on 1/2 size or credit card size
>CDs, but until its finished i think you should assume that a CD is 650MB
>and not really even think about it.

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