Re: spellcheck suggestions problem

Subject: Re: spellcheck suggestions problem
From: Dom Lachowicz (
Date: Fri Oct 05 2001 - 12:33:36 CDT

Quoting Tomas Frydrych <>:

> When a mispelled word is in a language that requires a different
> charset than that of the current locale, the spellchecker
> suggestions displayed in the context menu are printed as giberish.
> The reason for this is that all AW menus are drawn using 8-bit
> strings; this is probably OK for everything but the spellchecker
> suggetions.
> I think that in environments that support Unicode (e.g win, Unix utf-
> 8 locale), we should either draw all our menus using Unicode, or,
> we should at least make the spellchecker context menu a special
> case.

GTK+ 2.0 (which will be out "soon") will handle everything internally in
UTF-8. So this means that once we port Abi to GTK+2.0 (we *will* abandon 1.2.x
support), we will have to pass UTF-8 encoded text to labels, list-boxes,
etc... So this problem will be solved for us then. Until then, we're SOL.


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