Re: spellcheck suggestions problem

Subject: Re: spellcheck suggestions problem
From: Andrew Dunbar (
Date: Fri Oct 05 2001 - 11:58:06 CDT

 --- Tomas Frydrych <>
wrote: >
> Hi Andrew,
> > > I think that in environments that support
> Unicode
> > > (e.g win, Unix utf-
> > > 8 locale), we should either draw all our menus
> using
> > > Unicode, or,
> > > we should at least make the spellchecker context
> > > menu a special
> > > case.
> >
> > I had a lot of this stuff working on Win32 in a
> large
> > patch I sent to Dom and others a few months ago
> just
> > before I left AbiWord to travel the world.
> > In general, almost everything needs to be
> Unicodized.
> I can see (at least in principle) how to get this
> working on Win32,
> but having spent several hours examining the Unix
> side of the
> problem, I have to say that things are rather
> different there. The gtk
> interface is principally 8-bit, and there does not
> seem to be any
> way to pass a Unicode string to the basic widgets,
> such as
> GtkLabel which makes up our context pop up menu.
> Although gtk
> is capable of drawing wchar and 16-bit strings, the
> label expects an
> 8-bit string, and will terminate any imput on the
> first \0. I see no
> way out of this problem save hacking gtk itself.

Hmm that seems like a major omission from gtk if it is
true. I'm afraid I know nothing about gtk but I
it had good support for Unicode and international
issues. The only good stopgap measure would be to do
as is usual with iconv. We need to keep everything
internally as Unicode and only convert to 8-bit when
are forced into using an 8-bit function. This would
result in "?" characters in the display but would
wise be fully functional, and when a 16-bit function
is added, no extra work needs to be done.
No perfect answer though ):

Andrew Dunbar.


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