Update TopRuler to use cursors and status line

Subject: Update TopRuler to use cursors and status line
From: Matti Picus (matti@picus.org)
Date: Wed Oct 03 2001 - 04:54:05 CDT

Moving the mouse over the TopRuler now displays status in the status line.
This is a first cut, I hope I didn't screw anything up too badly. The idea
is to move the status line stuff to a tooltip, when we can show tooltips

In Win32, the cursor now changes when moved over the top ruler. Any
artists who wish to modify the graphics, feel free :) I had to add a
exchange type cursor which, in my version, is a hand surrounded by two
arrows, and a hand cursor. Unfortunately, some win32 platforms do not have
a built in hand cursor.

Modified files:
Added resources:

Modified Win32 specific:

Modified topRuler specific:

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