Thesaurus in KWord, using WordNet

Subject: Thesaurus in KWord, using WordNet
From: Daniel Naber (
Date: Fri Nov 23 2001 - 08:14:46 CST


maybe this is interesting for you:

I've added an English thesaurus to KWord, KDE's word processor. I did not
use the Moby list / AikSaurus (as AbiWord seems to do), but a subset of
WordNet. I'm confident that this offers better quality, i.e. the number of
suggested words is lower but they make more sense. Our data file is 800kB
big and offers synonyms, hypernyms (more general words) and hyponyms (more
specific words), i.e. it's small enough to be part of the KWord

Currently part of speech information is not shown, i.e. verbs, nouns etc
are all mixed up. However, this could easily be added, I think it would
only slightly increase the data file size.

You can check out two screenshots here:

The source and data is accessible here (to actually try it you need KDE
and KOffice from CVS):

Although I don't have time and knowledge to add this to software besides
KWord I'm willing to answer any questions if you want to include it in
e.g. AbiWord.



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