RE: abiword dies before splash screen.

Subject: RE: abiword dies before splash screen.
From: Tomas Frydrych (
Date: Mon Nov 12 2001 - 11:09:04 CST

> > I do agree that we need to find a smooth way of dealing with this,
> > even though this _is_ a RH misconfiguration problem which affects
> > not only AW and of which RH has been aware for a long time.
> I can put cat <<EOF in the post install alerting the user for it.

This would great, the bigger the letters the better :-). I have been
looking into this whole problem earlier today, and I do not see any
clean way out of it without the user's involvement. The xfs API is
virtually undocumented in XF 4.0.2 (or the documentation is in
some weird place). Judging from the fslib.h file, there is no way to
know what font types the xfs supports, so adding a new path to the
xfs collection could lead to the same result as we have at the
moment. Further, I am not sure how to connect to a particular xfs,
since all I know is that the library function used for that purpose
takes char *. So, as far as I can see, adding the AW font path to
the xfs collection of font paths is non-trivial. But I am no X expert.

> I've always used the wrapper script.
So how come the script does not result in invalid font paths. I need
to have another look at the xset source, perhaps it catches the
error and sets the path back to the original. I think this would not
very difficult to do, and it would allow us to start AW. We could not,
though guarantee in that case that the AW fonts are accessible,
which is what we can if the call XSetFontPath succeeds.

What do you think about this: we try to set the X font path, if it
does not work, we reset it back to the original and pop out a
message box saying "your fonts might not be available, if you
experience any problems see such and such help file. ..." We
would create a new preference that would allow the user to turn this
dialogue off on future restarts.

> ON RH 7.x, and 6.2, I believe as well, you have to add the abiword fonts
> to the font server config, and restart it.
If you could add all of that to the post-istall instructions, it would be

Tomas, happy with his SuSE.

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