Commit: new plugins module and ImageMagick importer

Subject: Commit: new plugins module and ImageMagick importer
From: Dom Lachowicz (
Date: Mon Nov 12 2001 - 10:18:19 CST

ImageMagick graphic importer works as a plugin, with only about 50
sort-of interesting lines of code. I've tested with JPEG, XBM, XPM,
TIFF, GIF, and the like. It saves everything as PNG so we're all fine
and can see each-other's pretty pictures. For more info, go to

The "recognizeSuffix" and "recognizeContents" methods need to get
smarter. Because ImageMagick supports like 60 formats, I just have them
returning true for now. I'll figure out a way to make them smarter.
recognizeContents would be easy if we always passed the entire buffer
over and tried to create a new Magick::Image which would either succeed
(true) or throw an exception (false).

I've also made an abiword-plugins module, with lots of subdirectories.

1) I've put my gdict plugin there
2) Imagemagick plugin is there.
3) I've also moved my bz2 filter there, and removed it from the main
source tree.
4) Put a copy of Jared's aiksaurus plugin there

The makefiles for these plugins will have to be updated for them to
build, but that will be simple in the UNIX case (a matter of getting the
abiword include-paths down properly).

Take care,

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